Q&A With Winston The Pug

July 26, 2017by admin

Q&A With Winston The Pug

As soon as he first showed up on the Brew Co. patio, Winston the pug won us over. He’s darling, craves carrots, has a stellar wardrobe and loves craft beer. It probably helps that both of his parents are Mug Club members. Before adding Winston to their family, his parents spent three years waiting for Mug Club memberships to open up. Now that they’re both members, Winston is a regular sighting out on the patio.

After stalking this lovable pooch on Instagram, where you can follow him @thepug_winston, we decided to sit down with this dapper gentleman to learn more about his daily life, style icons and favorite eats.

What’s your favorite snack
I’ll do (almost) anything for some steamed broccoli! I also love the occasional piece of bacon my humans give me.

How old are you
I was born on Easter! I am 3 months young.

Favorite workout
I live downtown with my humans, so my favorite workout would have to be going on strolls downtown, especially on the weekends, and getting all the attention from the ladies.

Favorite way to relax
Probably on my dad’s office chair. I spend my days there during the week, sleeping mostly.  It’s nice because during my breaks from sleeping, I get to play with clients and get lots of pets from them. Dad works, and I get to just chill. Perfect arrangement!

Favorite vegetables
Broccoli! I also enjoy carrots, which my parents give me when I am a good boy (which is of course always.)

Perfect night out at Brew Co.
I love going to Brew Co.’s patio with my parents.  (The waitresses seem to swoon over me.) My favorite is when my humans order something with bacon and/or veggies because then I get lots of treats.  I also love that I have an endless supply of cold water (even though I prefer stealing drinks out of my mom’s ice water.) My favorite time to go to Brew Co. is when they have live music on the patio! The music is so good and my parents seem to let me stay longer those times.

Favorite place for a doggy excursion in Springfield
I love going to the parks in Springfield.  Phelps Grove because of all the other doggies I get to meet there, not to mention all of the awesome shade.  Nathanael Greene and Sequiota are fun because there are ducks to watch and a lot of kids to give me pets.

Favorite toys
I have actually stolen many stuffed animals from my mom over the past couple months. I like to drag them around and fight with them. My parents laugh because the stuffed animals are all bigger than me, but I am super-fierce and have to make it known that I am the boss around here. I also consider my cat brothers and sister to be toys as well. I like to climb on them when they are trying to relax or chase them around. Gotta keep ’em on their toes, ya know?

Doggy best friends you follow on Instagram
One of my besties is Lola. She lives across the street from me, and we love playing when we run into each other. @livin.like.lola_ @rupert_thepug is also one of my Instabesties.